"An Ancient Practice that brings Resilience, Self-understanding and Calm"

8-Week Mindfulness Study Group - Course Outline

Week 1

An introduction to Mindfulness
  • What is it? Why it’s useful? It’s origins
  • Research-based benefits of Mindfulness
  • Nine Ways Mindfulness Reduces Stress
Practice: Body scan meditation (10 mins)

Week 2

Learning more about Mindfulness Meditation
  • Where to practice? How to practice?
  • Paying attention to the present moment
  • Five Essential Elements to Develop Mindfulness
Practice: Body and breath meditation (10-15 mins)

Week 3

Developing a daily practice
  • How can we go deeper & practice regularly?
  • Mindfulness through noticing your senses
  • Overcome Obstacles to Your Mindfulness Practice
Practice: Awareness of 5 senses meditation (10 mins)

Week 4

Understanding the mind
  • The nature of thoughts (moving and transient)
  • Resting the mind Vs efforting to empty the mind
  • Thoughts are nor facts – exploration
Practice: Sitting Meditation, Oxford Uni (10-15 mins)

Week 5

Deepening our practice and exploration
  • Learning to use Mindfulness in everyday activities
  • Explore mindful eating and mindful walking
  • Develop an understanding of sitting meditation
Practice: Sitting Meditation, Jon-Kabat Zinn (10-15 mins)

Week 6

Using Mindfulness to address adversity & challenges

  • Applying mindfulness to difficult situations
  • Concepts of RAIN – Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Nurture
  • Increase emotional well-being and intelligence

Practice: Tara Brach’s RAIN Meditation (15-20 mins)

Week 7

Harnessing the learning and keeping a daily practice
  • Trouble shooting obstacles to a regular practice
  • Recognising that effort is not required
  • Get to know experts & teachers around the world
Further teaching resources: Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Dan Siegel, Melli O’Brien, Mindful.org

Week 8

Enter into a Loving Kindness relationship with all
  • Mindfulness Metta meditation principles
  • The Buddha’s teachings on Metta
  • Awareness of peace, love and kindness in the present moment
Practice: Loving kindness meditation (10-15 mins)